Two-Tiered Real Estate Fee Options

Traditional Method

3% – 5% OF THE Net Sale Price. We evaluate the house together, determine an effective asking price. We have the house cleaned and staging help is available and included at no additional cost. Concise Evaluation, Strong Online Presence and Strategic Showing and Negotiating that ALMOST ALWAYS Results in “Multiple Offers”.  Total Real Estate Fee drops to 3% if the buyer does not have an agent.

Seller Appreciation Option: 30-Year Anniversary

$2900 Flat Fee available for Home Sellers

  • Same Strong Evaluation
  • Professional Photographs
  • Same Stellar Online Presence
  • One Orchestrated Weekend of Showings (In a Strong Seller’s Market, often all we Need).
  • Same Expert Negotiation Skills.

Real Estate Fees and Commission is ALWAYS Negotiable and can be tailored to any specific transaction.

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